the weekend.

this weekend was pretty busy.  jeremy had the day off on friday- so we had an extra long weekend! since we both had to work last saturday- he planned us a surprise date! (more to come on that this week)

we got to hang out with a friend from back home and his new girlfriend pretty much all day, which was so fun.

but, our team, vanderbilt, was beat in the ncaa tournament on saturday night. it was a heart-breaker and it was dumb. they could’ve won. but as, richard fish on ally mcbeal would say- bygones. (richard fish, by the way, is my favorite character on ally mcbeal. can i get an amen?!?)

on sunday, my mom and little sister, lillie, drove down and ate brunch with us at copper kettle. there is only one word that comes to mind: yum. (you can read our review on copper kettle and other nashville spots here.)

we went and checked on the new house with them. it’s coming together! every time we go by, there is something new. so exciting. can’t wait to share photos with you once it’s finished.

then, we spent the rest of the afternoon in centennial park. the weather was perfect and the park was packed. jer started on the last of the hunger games books and i started pride and prejudice for about the 100th time. what can i say? i can’t get enough. later, i even took a nap. glorious.

**That is where Jeremy proposed to me almost two years ago!! 😀 😀

How was your weekend? Hope that it was wonderfully perfect.

XO, M.


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