the weekend.

On Friday, Jeremy and I grabbed lunch with our friend Connor at the Nashville Farmers Market before the crazy weather hit downtown Nashville.

Since we have experienced enough tornado weather in our lifetimes, Jeremy and I decided to make a spontaneous trip to Clarksville, where there was no threat of the serious weather. It was crazy. Nashville was getting attacked with golf ball sized hail, rain, straight line winds, and possible tornadoes and 40 minutes north-west, it was perfectly sunny. Crazy, I tell ya.

Thanks to the weather, we got to hang out with our family and eat some yummy sushi. Later that night, we watched Hugo. If you have not seen this movie, you should. It was such a sweet movie and definitely deserving of all the awards it won at the Oscars.

On Saturday morning, Jeremy and I got to spend the morning with some of our very best friends, Chris and Emily and their absolutely beautiful three month old daughter Ruth. She is the sweetest baby alive and when she smiled at me, I almost had a panic attack I was so happy. Highlight moment right there. You better believe that I am one proud “aunt”. Wish that we could see each other every day.

My mom’s daffodils were in full bloom. Aren’t they beautiful? If they don’t make you happy, I don’t know what will.

We also got to get a milkshake with Caitlin. Thank you Steak and Shake. We love you.

I hope that you also had a wonderful weekend. This week is going to be all about Spring cleaning, going through closets, drawers, and everything else in preparation for our new house. Our closing date is a month away! Yay! We literally cannot wait.

Do you give your house a spring cleaning? What is your favorite thing to do? Any tips?

Happy Monday, M.


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