three things.

I have some exciting news to share with you on this three things post…

Jeremy and I….


We are super excited about this new adventure. We are in LOVE with our house. It is a new construction, so we won’t be able to move in until April (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME.), but while we’ve been waiting I have been browsing pinterest looking for some inspiration for our new place. We haven’t decided on anything, but here are some room inspirations that I have loved!


I love little silver trays like this filled with beautiful things. (source)


I am in love with this eclectic, southwestern feel. It reminds me of my parents’ home, which is my favorite place on earth- they have excellent taste. I only hope my house can look like half of what theirs does. (source)


There is so much going on in this space. There is always something interesting to look at. That & pillow needs to be mine. (source)

What is your style? Jeremy and I are trying to figure out what we think ours is. Where do you find inspiration?

Happy Thursday!

XO, Mary


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