three things.

1. this video found on miss moss.

i was enthralled with this video, artist, and her creativity. her sweetness of spirit and the art that she creates are simply wonderful. please, take the time to watch this video. you won’t regret it. it makes me believe that the world isn’t all bad – it gives me warm fuzzies. i would love to be a person in her subway painting. thank you for sharing such wonderful things on your blog, diana!

2. this diy on a beautiful mess.


elsie always shares such fun diy’s and this one by far is my favorite. such a great idea and keeps everything so organized! i can’t wait to do this sometime in the near future.

3. tulip louise‘s fashion posts and her top knot video.

anna‘s style is just too cute and her personality is just as cute (see top knot video). i would like her to come shop with me and style me.


two things about anna’s video: 1) she make it so simple 2) i have found myself wearing my hair like this all the time! thanks, anna!


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