a list.

We LOVE making lists.

Some people don’t, but those people are weird. (if you are a person that doesn’t like making lists, i’m sure that you aren’t one of the weird ones.)

I have a notebook that I carry around with me almost always. It has notes in it from EVERYTHING and any kind of list that you can think of. You can pretty much see my life in that notebook. We love lists so much that we make lists of our favorite things here on the blog.

But, we have found something that is pretty awesome. Something that is pretty 21st century. There are two programs out there that we LOVE that were created for list-makers just like you and the two of us.

Our favorite one is called TuexDuex. It is incredible. I even have the app for my iphone- I love it that much.


Our other favorite is called Wunderlist. They also have an app for the iphone as well and it is free!

They are both pretty great tools to keep you organized, focused, and they keep your list-loving-self satisfied.

What do you use to keep organized? Just a pen a paper? Or do you use a program like these?

Let us know what your preferred list-making tools are!!


TGIF and Happy Weekend, M & A.


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