Three Things.

1. Warby Parker. I know, I know. We’ve blogged about this before, but we really do love these glasses. I got my five try-on pairs shipped to me this week. So fun.I have narrowed it down to two. Which do you think look better? 1 or 2? Let me know!!!

2. Weimaraners. The sweetest dogs alive. When we were growing up, we always had one. I just really want one to snuggle with and play with. I won’t even mind when he goes to the bathroom on the carpet or chews up my shoes. Really I won’t- as long as I get to snuggle.  I mean who could resist this face?!?! (Image)

3. Wellies. Or as we Americans call them, rain boots. I’ve had my eye on a pair of Hunters for a while. They are just a little too $$$. And they have a ton of colors to choose from. I can’t really tell which one I like the best, but I have it narrowed down to my favorites! Which ones do you like the best? They’re all just so great!  The Queen of England wears them, so they have to be great right? You can get your pair here.

fuchsia and blackberry

cranberry and vermillion


8 responses

  1. Love this post—I need new glasses and have been meaning to order some Warby Parkers for awhile.

    Also, lived in UK for a year–LOVED the Hunter wellies, but I agree…they are a little ridiculously overpriced…however, you know if you get them, you will totally never regret it. Out of these four I LOVE the cranberry


    • We both have gone through Warby Parker and we highly reccomend it! You should totally get a pair!

      I feel like that statement about the hunter boots is true, but over $100 for rain boots…BUT THEY ARE SO CUTE.

      I think that I am leaning towards the blackberry and fuchsia!

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