the weekend.

This weekend the weather was weird and crummy. It was like 60 degrees one minute and then 38 degrees the next. (We slept through the tornadoes! Whoops!) The sun decided to not show its face AT ALL. Awesome. But you have to admit the fog looked pretty cool.

We ate at Germantown Cafe with my parents for Nashville Originals Week. I predicted that the Coconut Curry Salmon would be in my belly and I was right. And it was GOOD.

I went out for a girls night. Whiskey Kitchen. Yum and yum. Their pizzas are incredible. And the girls and I recommend the Blackberry Jeulip and the Marmalade Whiskey Sour.

We watched one of our favorite TV shows. (While flipping back to football.)

We made some yummy treats. (Poppyseed Bread and Fruit Smoothies)

And best of all, I just got to hang out with this guy.

I hope that your weekend was relaxing, wonderful, and exactly what you needed.

Happy Monday! Xo, Mary


4 responses

  1. awww love this–sounds like a great weekend! I also had a date night before A left for his business trip, also watched Downton, also hung out with my parents, etc!



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