Three Things.

1. This Latte.

I had the B-E-S-T latte that I have ever had this week. Seriously, it was that good. It was from Fido’s in Nashville and it was called the Local Latte. Fresh, local Tennessee honey, a dash of cinnamon, espresso, and skim milk. Yummy. I would love to have one every day of my life. (image via instagram)

2. This Nashville Feature.

I heard through the blog grape vine that Nashville was being featured in Bon Appetit magazine.  You must check it out. There is even a really cool video clip of Dan Auerbach from the Black Keys telling you his favorite Nashville hot spots. Nashville is the coolest city of the South. (image via

3. This lovely young lady.

Leighton Meester. She is beautiful, confident, and very talented. Serious girl crush and I want all of her clothes.And she is part of one of my all time favorite TV shows. My mom says that I talk too much about TV on here and that it is embarrassing. But, I hate to break it to ya, Ma, but I am not embarrassed- especially not about Gossip Girl. Long live Blair. (image via google images.)


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