three things.

There are just a few thing that have caught my attention this week.

#1 This book.

I am now hooked. The first few chapters are BRUTAL and make you wonder why all these people are making such a big fuss about this book and then Larsson introduced you to Lisbeth Salander and then you read page 101 and you know this is going to be an incredible series.

#2- This T.V. series.

I talk a lot about TV because I watch a lot of TV. I love TV. (Doesn’t everybody?!?!?) We don’t even have cable, but I still LOVE TV. And this Masterpiece Classic Theater series reinforces that love. Adair and my whole family were tried and true fans of this series from the beginning. Jeremy and I are recent fans, we actually found the series on Netflix and decided to give it a shot. We loved it. The new season (at least the premiere) was just as good if not better than last season. Lady Mary, we’re rooting for you.

#3-This Print.

Ever since I was younger I’ve had fascination with this former first lady. She was full of character, wisdom, and strength. And she’s sharing some wisdom with us even today. Thanks, Pinterest.

What have you been into these days?

Stay tuned for Adair’s 3 things list later today.


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