Chocolate Chip Cookies.

The ultimate comfort food. Warm, chocolately, gooey in the middle and crunchy on the edges. There is nothing better.

Except…when you add vanilla bean ice cream. Or if you’re feeling a little bit crazy, chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. But, that might be a bit much? Mmmm, probably not.

This recipe is my favorite. But I learned from one of my friends in college the true secret to making your chocolate chip cookies even better: Add extra vanilla. Boy, oh boy, was she right. Don’t believe us? That might be the perfect excuse to whip some up this afternoon.

But, can I tell you a secret? Do you know what I love the most? Chocolate chip cookies without the chocolate chips. Weird I know. But man are they good. I always make a few with out the chips just for me. As my baking reward. (Because making chocolate chip cookies is so stressful.)

But don’t worry this batch isn’t for me. I am handing them out to a few lucky friends. My precious time at the Y this morning (Week 2 is never pretty) is still in the back of my head. I kinda feel sorry for the people around me.

And, yes, I have turned into one of those New Years resolution people. I like to think that makes me optimistic or just hopeful. Because I am usually the cynic and the pessimist. So, all the cynics and pessimists get to the back of the room, give me at least the month of January to prove myself. It can be done. And if resisting chocolate chip cookies (without the chocolate chips) isn’t a solid effort, I don’t know what is.

Also, on a totally different note: Happy Birthday to my favorite fashion icon, Kate Middleton. Your Alice Temperley dress at the London premiere of War Horse was stunning. Can you ship me one in my size?! Please and thank you.

Happy Monday.



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