3 Things.

I have decided Nashville looks silly in the winter time. It is most definitely a spring/summer city. This thought process came about yesterday when it was 19 degrees when I woke up. This is Tennessee, not Alaska-seriously. But don’t you worry,  it will be back up to around 60 degrees by Friday. My allergies and sinuses are having so much fun with this roller coaster weather.

(Side note: there is something worse than this roller coaster weather: They are making Les Miserables into a movie. What is bad about that you ask? They have offered Taylor Swift the role of Eponine. I have died and I did not go to the nice place upstairs. TAYLOR SWIFT?!?! Who’s bright idea was that?!  Revolt, America, revolt. That is all I have to say about that. You can check it out here.)

ALL THAT TO SAY, I am stoked about Spring. Not only does it bring around our birthday month, but also pretty things and warmer weather. Pretty things like flowers, color, and the spring and summer 2012 collections. Which brings me to my three things.

1. Madewell Spring 2012. Outfit #’s 4 and 6, please.

2. J Crew Spring 2012. I must have those leopard flats in #3.

3. Two words: Katie Ermilio.

She is my new favorite designer and she is perfection. If someone wants to buy me all of these, I’d be okay with that. But, if you just want to buy me one, that light blue number in #5 has my name written all over it.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.

XO, Mary


8 responses

  1. I think the blue dress in #5 is both our style Mary! It may fit you a little better come the end of March/beginning of April though!

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