a party for the new year.

We welcomed in 2012 with friends, food, champagne, noise makers, and fireworks. I am normally cynical when it comes to New Years Eve celebrations, but this one was seriously the best one yet. Every other year I found that New Years was always just kind of a let down- and that was if I wasn’t already in bed by midnight. This year we had a few friends over to our place. Made some reservations at a new restaurant and then came back to our apartment to a spectacular view of downtown Nashville and the fireworks show. By the time it was midnight, there were only four of us left- some of our best friends. We toasted in the new year with a kiss, noise makers, and champagne. And it was perfect.

Adair and her husband, Jamie, headed back to Clarksville to miss crazy (hopefully not drunk) drivers and because they had to be up early in the morning. When they were literally 2 minutes from my parents house they saw this poor dog run across the street. Since we were little my mom instilled in us a love for animals, so true to our nature Adair picked up the tiny, cute, but very lost little yorkie. To make a long story short the little guy spent the night with them and they finally got him back to his grateful family Sunday morning. An eventful start to 2012 to say the least!

Here is a sneak peak at our little new years party:


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