mary + adair love…

This year, it seemed like we were obsessed with one thing: fragrance. Wether it was candles or perfume, we wanted it all. We are very intrigued by the new fragrance stores that are popping up all over the States like this one in East Village in New York City. They have every fragrance that you can imagine and they will let you put them together and create you own unique fragrance that is all about you.

When I walk into a store with perfume or candles, I have to smell all of the fragrances. Adair loves more of the musky tones and I prefer more of the light, floral scents. I think that the scents that you like say a lot about personality and I am always curious to see what each person prefers. Here are a few of our favorites.

1- Lafco NewYork candle in Chamomile Lavender (Master Bedroom) 2-Volcano candle Capri Blue

3- Bvlgari Perfume No.2 4-Happ & Stahns 1842 Rose Alba

1- Flora by Gucci 2-Tocca in Cleopatra

3- Nest Candle in Wild Oats and Bourbon 4- Votivo Candle in Red Currant

What are your favorite scents, candles, or perfumes? Let us know! I love finding new favorites! xo, Mary


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