How to Dress Like Serena and Blair

So lately, I have been obsessed with Gossip Girl. I have literally watched every, single episode in the last month or so (embarrassing, I know). The crazy and endearing characters, the ridiculous plot lines, and the incredible fashion have me hooked.

And I honestly believe that after watching a majority of the episodes, you unknowingly do two things:

a) fall in love with every male character on the show, even Rufus and especially Chuck

b) you pick sides- Blair or Serena. My favorite character on the show is Lily Van der Woodsen, but this choice is crucial to how you watch the show. And I will stand by Blair til the day that I die.

And let me say to the producers of Gossip Girl that if a certain someone dies in the next episode, this someone will NO LONGER WATCH THE SHOW. SERIOUSLY. I will cry for days of a broken heart. Do not break my heart. Please.

After that not at all obnoxious or dramatic comment, let me tell you what I really really love about the show. The one thing that clearly grabs my attention is all of the GORGEOUS clothes that they get to wear.  I NEED TO HAVE THOSE CLOTHES. and you need them, too. This blog post is the finale of my search- the search to become Blair and Serena. All of the clothes that I found are from ModCloth. Their clothes are great and affordable. You need to check them out.

Serena oozes a sultry look, is fluent in boho chic, and can effortlessly look good in anything. On the other hand, Blair is the epitome of sophistication, continuously elegant, and uses fashion to exude her confidence.


 Monochrome Butterfly Dress (Modcloth)

Kiss and Makeup Dress (ModCloth)

China Collectibles Dress (ModCloth)

 Up, Up, and Crochet Dress (Modcloth)

High Drama Dress (ModCloth)

Sincerely Sweet Dress (ModCloth)

 Sparking Toast Dress (ModCloth)

Admission Party Dress (ModCloth)


Oh Exquisite One Dress (ModCloth)

Evening at the Arboretum Dress (ModCloth)

Sophisticated Sweetheart Dress (ModCloth)

Gardens of Versailles Dress (ModCloth)

Gilded Pearl Dress (ModCloth)

Storm in the Air Dress (ModCloth)

Holiday in Paradise Dress (ModCloth)

Terrific Tonight Dress (ModCloth)

(all gossip girl photos found here.)

See you CAN dress like Serena and Blair.

You’re welcome.

XOXO, Gossip Girl….

errr… I mean…  Mary


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