mad men party

ok, confession, like the rest of the world i am absolutely obsessed with amc’s mad men. there is something about these deplorable characters that is extremely intriguing and entertaining. last season’s finale has me in a state of high anticipation of the upcoming season. AND COME ON- janie bryant works magic with the costumes.

well, my friend becca (whose birthday happens to be today: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!) threw an incredible mad men party in honor of out infatuation with the mad men/ advertising era.

when i walked into her apartment i felt like i had stepped back in time. she and her mom have impeccable taste in anything vintage (and not the kitschy stuff!) and a collection that is every girl’s dream. the dishes, the linen, everything all looked like it came straight out of betty draper’s cabinet. she even made a period worthy jello out of a mold.

and one of the best things– EVERYONE dressed the part. sometimes with parties like this some people don’t feel comfortable dressing up. but everyone did and it made the night seem all the more like we’d stepped back in time.

 jamie and me

some of the girls

louise, becca and me ( aren’t their dresses fabulous– i was super jealous!)

logan, jamie and reed

doin’ the twist and shout

and of course a polaroid to commemorate the night!

all in all, becca knows how to throw a party – even if its set decades before.

(photos via adair mcgregor and becca allen)


5 responses

  1. The Mad Men Party was the highlight of my year. Not even lying. And this is during a year in which the final Harry Potter movie game out and I graduated. So I would say it was pretty spectacular.

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